Christmas – forgotten

The end of the year. Christmas is here once more! Shops boast their displays, garlanded with the trappings of a commercial event. Fake snow. Mythical men. Mythical good. Who stops to think of the reason behind it? Imitation people hurt no-one. Unrepresentative ideas show what it was about. A small reminder that is easily forgotten.... Continue Reading →



We are mobilised, all of us, against a common enemy. From our mountain retreats we launch against our targets. They are on the plain that extends before us. Infinite. Attacks into blackness. When we return, some limping, some missing, we reflect on those who fell away. From the sky to the plain. To be engulfed... Continue Reading →


A traveller am I. I walk many paths as about my business I go. I know nothing of the city life, apart from that which I have seen.

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