The Word

Before there was you were. The Word one with the Father. A word was whispered into the void and darkness was replaced with light. Light in its countless millions of worlds. Arrayed in the night’s sky like a necklace of iridescent gems. But the Word did not stop. He co-laboured with the Father and Spirit... Continue Reading →

Timeless Love

Love is a very powerful weapon. But our minds convince us that we do not need it. We can survive on our own, using our own love for resources. You reject my love. An unthinking instinct that hurts me so deeply. Love in an unquantifiable object. It helps forgive hurts. It looks forward, never back.... Continue Reading →

Banquet Hall

In a hall you all meet. A hall that is soaked in history, in the past. Images of people long since dead dominate the walls, looking down as you worship me. However, I am not an old picture. A still dark figure that looks down in sombre mood. I do not look down with dull... Continue Reading →

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