The Word

Before there was you were. The Word one with the Father. A word was whispered into the void and darkness was replaced with light. Light in its countless millions of worlds. Arrayed in the night’s sky like a necklace of iridescent gems. But the Word did not stop. He co-laboured with the Father and Spirit... Continue Reading →


The Drawer

When I first knew you I had to write. Only through pen and paper could I express what was on my heart. To pour out my heart. But as time passed I thought no-one wanted to hear. I saw my notebook and pen on the desk, took them and shut them in the drawer. From... Continue Reading →

The Gathering Night

The motorbike climbs the track road, its headlight piercing the gathering gloom of approaching evening. Winding its way through the long forgotten ramparts of this hill fort it finds its way to the top. The engine is killed. The rider dismounts his mechanical steed, and leaves it ticking to itself in the gathering cool of... Continue Reading →


A new lesson learnt. A new realisation dawned. This I see when I come back to you. At equal time periods I leave, to then come back to be taught some more. As time continues I wish to stay with you. Things learnt are superceded. Feelings are left behind. Tell me, my teacher, of what... Continue Reading →

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