Desert Oasis

The vast desert stretches before me. It fills my vision from horizon to horizon. Bronze-yellow undulating dunes flow one into another as far as I can see. By day the sun blazes down and bakes the sand beneath my feet. I feel its heat coming up through my shoes. Each step clings to my leaden... Continue Reading →


Monochrome World

This is a black and white world. A world of grey. All colour washed out by our sadness. Faceless people walk grey streets, each not acknowledging the other. All looking in upon themselves. Unseeing eyes turned inward. Feet shuffle along. A background of blackness. No colour. But the sun is there. It still shines. Bringing... Continue Reading →

The Gathering Night

The motorbike climbs the track road, its headlight piercing the gathering gloom of approaching evening. Winding its way through the long forgotten ramparts of this hill fort it finds its way to the top. The engine is killed. The rider dismounts his mechanical steed, and leaves it ticking to itself in the gathering cool of... Continue Reading →

Start of day

A sunrise comes. Its first rays light up my face. A shadows domain overthrown. A days work begun. Its tentative warmth takes away the chill of the night. Of darkness. I look upon the city into which I will go to work. It is in darkness. Self-imposed by its position, buildings. I will take my... Continue Reading →


As I sit here, dew on my feet, In the quiet or early morn, I just want to sit and enjoy the warm caress Of the dawn and the early sun.

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