Cronus: A Lament

You called me to spend two hours alone with you my Lord.They felt as intimidating as this blank page.What could I possibly have to say for two hours!What would you want to say to me?But still you invited me to a quiet place to spend time with you. Forgive me for my unbelief and lack... Continue Reading →


Refuge and Support

Father, dear father, you are my refuge and being. Through this past time, you have protected me and supported me. You have strengthened me and taught me. You have fed me and kept me. The testing was more than I could bear. But each time you increased how much I could take. At every moment... Continue Reading →


Friends are wonderful. They are always there to support, ready to advise. They know you for what you are. You cannot hide anything from them. But sometimes your friends have problems themselves. But you do not understand how they can. You leave them support-less. But you still expect them to help you when you are... Continue Reading →

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