Quiet of Night

The moon blinks its way onto the world. The clouds part and the countryside below is cloaked in its soft silvery light. Edges are no longer sharp but rounded. Life is much softer. A quiet descends. Sounds that are usually masked by the shrill and busyness of the day can be heard once more. Far... Continue Reading →


Snatched Away

The dawn breaks. The first rays kiss the tops of the waves. The waves on the rippled glass that is the sea. The wooden bow ploughs through this field of water, that slowly curls over the wood. The great dragons head eats it's way through the mists that veil the land. Silently they come. Loudly... Continue Reading →


Security is to be secure. Secure I am in you. You who made me. You who drew me to himself. You who loved me long ago. You who forgave me. You who takes me through life. You who guides me in all I do. You who heals me when I am hurt. Draw me to... Continue Reading →

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