Mind The Gap

We need to mind the gap between the truth of God's love for us and how we love ourselves. We need to mind the gap between what we think we are capable of and what God knows we can do. We need to mind the gap between thinking that others are better than us rather... Continue Reading →


Refuge and Support

Father, dear father, you are my refuge and being. Through this past time, you have protected me and supported me. You have strengthened me and taught me. You have fed me and kept me. The testing was more than I could bear. But each time you increased how much I could take. At every moment... Continue Reading →


A historic and beautiful land we live in. Dotted with reminders of what has gone before. Ruined walls are reflected in a mirror pond. Peace now resides where war once was. People walk the walls now incomplete and comprehend a bit of history. Walls being walked around walls. A fort within a fort. These walls... Continue Reading →

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