The Word

Before there was you were. The Word one with the Father. A word was whispered into the void and darkness was replaced with light. Light in its countless millions of worlds. Arrayed in the night’s sky like a necklace of iridescent gems. But the Word did not stop. He co-laboured with the Father and Spirit... Continue Reading →


The Causeway

On an island midst the sea she stands. Around her the blue-grey labyrinth of walls and gates extend. High walls that all but exclude the sun. Deep shadows do they throw. There are places where the sun cannot shine. The chill of these places reaches to her bones. She pulls her cloak tighter. Walking around... Continue Reading →

The Watcher

A blink of the eye and I am moved. Moved to a time and place before. Standing on a sandy hillside, a watcher. Behind a blackened sky I see three criminals. Sentenced by that time to its justice. A justice enforced by man. But this is special, time has no parameters. In front of the first... Continue Reading →


People call this life freedom. Free to do what they want, when they want. A freedom of dead ends. Of wrong turns. Of hurt. Hemmed in by the hedges of society, cultivated over many years by many gardeners. So thick you cannot see through it. So high you cannot see over it. Its direction you... Continue Reading →

Spirits behind bars

Take a shopping precinct in any town and you will see them. Bustling to do the shopping they rush around. But in their eyes I see a different scene. Bars behind the eyes and a spirit trying to get out. It cries. It yearns to be free, but only more fettered it becomes. Hemmed in by... Continue Reading →

Return of the Flying Dutchman

I was on the quay that day. That day when the ship came in. Ghosting over the calm sea it arrived. A true ghost ship for no sound did it make. No sails flapping. No shouted orders to the crew. No crew. By the outer wall she tied up. The ropes knotting themselves by unseen... Continue Reading →

Golden City

A beautiful city stands in a silent lake. A sunrise sends its golden rays into the streets. Across parapets people walk. Walk through unguarded gates. Gates that lead into a city of immense wealth. A wealth not in physical means, but a wealth of love and care. A place where people are not missed and... Continue Reading →

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