Northern Lights

A poem about being able to appreciate what we see around us and how each of us has a unique journey of faith with God. The journey we take is more important than the final destination.


Dark Water

Black as ink the lake extends. As still as night it sits. Low grey clouds obscure the sun. Colour is reduced, greyness wins. Its cold tentacles enfold my soul and body. Its icy fingers enclose my form. All that moves are the ripples from the tears as they drip silently into the water. Silent, expanding... Continue Reading →

Quiet of Night

The moon blinks its way onto the world. The clouds part and the countryside below is cloaked in its soft silvery light. Edges are no longer sharp but rounded. Life is much softer. A quiet descends. Sounds that are usually masked by the shrill and busyness of the day can be heard once more. Far... Continue Reading →

The Flint-napper

Peace. Total peace. That is you. Wherever I am. Whatever I do. Your peace is there. But as I walk this peaceful route, the Devil is there. He sets tripwires to knock me down. And once down he tangles me up in his thread. A thread of lies and deceit. My thoughts are muddled. Barriers... Continue Reading →

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