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Juxtaposition, Synchronisation #ND17

This is something I do not want to write.
I want to turn my back on it.
To look away.
To close the door.
To walk away.
I do not want to go here.

But your hand compels mine.
Wherever I turn I see you.
You gently remind me of what I need to write.

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Reckless Love

Not one of my poems this time, but rather the lyrics to a song which literally stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it at our mid-week small group.

It was during a time of worship at the end of the meeting that I first heard this via a You Tube clip. Rather than try and pick up the lyrics and sing along all I could do was listen and drink in what the lyrics were saying. There are times (not many I admit) when a worship song so arrests my attention that I cannot sing. I just have to listen.

However that was not it. Over the coming days and weeks I just cannot get these lyrics out of my mind. Almost every time I listen to it I have to stop what I’m doing.

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