Paradise Regained

Through one man Paradise was lost. Through another it was regained. As the cloak of darkness encircled the earth, as it fell silent the rescue plan was initiated. The one who had been there since the beginning came down and chose our form. Hands that had flung stars into space now accepted all the constraints... Continue Reading →


Paradise Lost

As much as I want to escape it, Paradise lost begins with me. No matter how many excuses “It’s not my fault because…”. No matter how many comparisons “I’m not as bad as them!” Paradise lost begins with me. With every cutting, unhelpful word both spoken and thought. With every time I rush by, too... Continue Reading →

Reckless Love

Not one of my poems this time, but rather the lyrics to a song which literally stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it at our mid-week small group. It was during a time of worship at the end of the meeting that I first heard this via a You Tube clip. Rather... Continue Reading →

The Watcher

A blink of the eye and I am moved. Moved to a time and place before. Standing on a sandy hillside, a watcher. Behind a blackened sky I see three criminals. Sentenced by that time to its justice. A justice enforced by man. But this is special, time has no parameters. In front of the first... Continue Reading →

Snatched Away

The dawn breaks. The first rays kiss the tops of the waves. The waves on the rippled glass that is the sea. The wooden bow ploughs through this field of water, that slowly curls over the wood. The great dragons head eats it's way through the mists that veil the land. Silently they come. Loudly... Continue Reading →


Security is to be secure. Secure I am in you. You who made me. You who drew me to himself. You who loved me long ago. You who forgave me. You who takes me through life. You who guides me in all I do. You who heals me when I am hurt. Draw me to... Continue Reading →

Timeless Love

Love is a very powerful weapon. But our minds convince us that we do not need it. We can survive on our own, using our own love for resources. You reject my love. An unthinking instinct that hurts me so deeply. Love in an unquantifiable object. It helps forgive hurts. It looks forward, never back.... Continue Reading →

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