The Ice Maiden

She knew the names they called her. Never to her face, but muttered and whispered. The more waspish in the harbour called her “uncan” - meaning “from another area”. All the names they used reinforced that she was a stranger. One kept at arms length. The untrusted. Her looks betrayed her Nordic heritage. Long, straight... Continue Reading →


Be watchful, mindful

Beware the loner amongst you. He who has spent his life with only himself for company. So long has he been like this that it becomes the norm for him. But we have all been called to be part of a body. Part of a great and glorious family. Our father wants workers from a... Continue Reading →

Return of the Flying Dutchman

I was on the quay that day. That day when the ship came in. Ghosting over the calm sea it arrived. A true ghost ship for no sound did it make. No sails flapping. No shouted orders to the crew. No crew. By the outer wall she tied up. The ropes knotting themselves by unseen... Continue Reading →

Last Train

I dream of a time to come, when white horses will pull themselves from the earth and gallop across the green hills once more. Carrying riders to an everlasting sunset, everlasting warmth. Villages and towns are now deserted. Skeleton trees have deposited their leaves. A yellow carpet stirred only by the wind but no footfalls... Continue Reading →


See the lone figure walking in The Village. A figure kept there against his will. He does not know how he arrived, nor why he is being kept. His solitude is not of his making, rather an inheritance from times before. He keeps himself locked up. safe inside his castle of solitude. But within his... Continue Reading →

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