The Gathering Night

The motorbike climbs the track road, its headlight piercing the gathering gloom of approaching evening. Winding its way through the long forgotten ramparts of this hill fort it finds its way to the top. The engine is killed. The rider dismounts his mechanical steed, and leaves it ticking to itself in the gathering cool of... Continue Reading →


Christmas – forgotten

The end of the year. Christmas is here once more! Shops boast their displays, garlanded with the trappings of a commercial event. Fake snow. Mythical men. Mythical good. Who stops to think of the reason behind it? Imitation people hurt no-one. Unrepresentative ideas show what it was about. A small reminder that is easily forgotten.... Continue Reading →

Dark Tunnels

There are time when we walk into dark tunnels. All encroaches. Darkness suppresses. We look round for our light, our guide. The pin-prick of light at the end of the tunnel. The light guiding us home. Assurance we can see. But we see no light. We see not because it is with us. At our... Continue Reading →

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