Monochrome World

This is a black and white world. A world of grey. All colour washed out by our sadness. Faceless people walk grey streets, each not acknowledging the other. All looking in upon themselves. Unseeing eyes turned inward. Feet shuffle along. A background of blackness. No colour. But the sun is there. It still shines. Bringing... Continue Reading →


Cliff Rescue

I live in this world and work in this world. I walk it's path. A path that is changed as I proceed. Like life itself it is made up of peaks and troughs. Valleys and hills. But I worry and trust to feelings. A thing of this world. A distraction put there by he who... Continue Reading →

Reality at work

You are everything and everywhere. Your presence is like a web. It links every part of our universe, a vast grid of your influence. You created our world and the laws by which it operates. But we are not content to accept. We struggle to explain everything we see in terms of our ridiculous technology.... Continue Reading →


The world is an uncaring place. Made so by he that rules it. But I stand out of this world. I stand in the place you have put me Lord. Holding your hand I walk with you. You are my security and love. You know what I will be. You know what has been. I... Continue Reading →

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