Cronus: A Lament

You called me to spend two hours alone with you my Lord.They felt as intimidating as this blank page.What could I possibly have to say for two hours!What would you want to say to me?But still you invited me to a quiet place to spend time with you. Forgive me for my unbelief and lack... Continue Reading →

Dark Water

Black as ink the lake extends. As still as night it sits. Low grey clouds obscure the sun. Colour is reduced, greyness wins. Its cold tentacles enfold my soul and body. Its icy fingers enclose my form. All that moves are the ripples from the tears as they drip silently into the water. Silent, expanding... Continue Reading →

Snatched Away

The dawn breaks. The first rays kiss the tops of the waves. The waves on the rippled glass that is the sea. The wooden bow ploughs through this field of water, that slowly curls over the wood. The great dragons head eats it's way through the mists that veil the land. Silently they come. Loudly... Continue Reading →


We are mobilised, all of us, against a common enemy. From our mountain retreats we launch against our targets. They are on the plain that extends before us. Infinite. Attacks into blackness. When we return, some limping, some missing, we reflect on those who fell away. From the sky to the plain. To be engulfed... Continue Reading →

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