Juxtaposition, Synchronisation #ND17

This is something I do not want to write. I want to turn my back on it. To look away. To close the door. To walk away. I do not want to go here. But your hand compels mine. Wherever I turn I see you. You gently remind me of what I need to write.... Continue Reading →


Dark Water

Black as ink the lake extends. As still as night it sits. Low grey clouds obscure the sun. Colour is reduced, greyness wins. Its cold tentacles enfold my soul and body. Its icy fingers enclose my form. All that moves are the ripples from the tears as they drip silently into the water. Silent, expanding... Continue Reading →

Quiet of Night

The moon blinks its way onto the world. The clouds part and the countryside below is cloaked in its soft silvery light. Edges are no longer sharp but rounded. Life is much softer. A quiet descends. Sounds that are usually masked by the shrill and busyness of the day can be heard once more. Far... Continue Reading →

The Gathering Night

The motorbike climbs the track road, its headlight piercing the gathering gloom of approaching evening. Winding its way through the long forgotten ramparts of this hill fort it finds its way to the top. The engine is killed. The rider dismounts his mechanical steed, and leaves it ticking to itself in the gathering cool of... Continue Reading →

Realising Student

I praise you God for what you are. You are my friend. My guardian. My comforter. Through every day that you lead me you teach me. The lessons may be hard, or hurt, but you always teach in love. You know all there is to know about me. You know me now. Of what I... Continue Reading →

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