Stalked by the Black Dog

The Black Dog that tries to stalk me has found me once again.
He tries to intimidate me by making his presence known.
He wants me to know that he is there.
He wants to keep me looking behind.

To take my eyes off what is ahead.
To keep looking to what is in the past.
To try to make me afraid of the future.
To drag me back to the darkness of before.
To tempt me to walk deeper into the bleakness.

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Northern Lights

It was late afternoon when I came upon this beach.
The golden sands and iridescent waters a surprise at this latitude.
Discarding shoes I felt the warm sand squeezing between my toes
as I walked along the high-water mark.
The demarcation between that which is regularly inundated
and that which remains forever dry.

Sitting on a small, sandy headland where grass
clings to an existence and the Marram grass fringes the edges,
I watched the sun make its daily rendezvous with the horizon.

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The Ice Maiden

She knew the names they called her.
Never to her face, but muttered and whispered.

The more waspish in the harbour called her “uncan” –
meaning “from another area”.
All the names they used reinforced that she was a stranger.
One kept at arms length.
The untrusted.

Her looks betrayed her Nordic heritage.
Long, straight blond hair hung like a curtain
in front of her face, hiding her pale blue eyes.
Not that anyone ever looked her in the face.

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Mind The Gap

We need to mind the gap between
the truth of God’s love for us and how we love ourselves.

We need to mind the gap between
what we think we are capable of and what God knows we can do.

We need to mind the gap between
thinking that others are better than us rather than acknowledging God’s unique call.

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Paradise Regained

Through one man Paradise was lost.
Through another it was regained.

As the cloak of darkness encircled the earth,
as it fell silent the rescue plan was initiated.

The one who had been there since the beginning
came down and chose our form.
Hands that had flung stars into space now
accepted all the constraints of those he had created.
Paradise is regained through him.

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