Find a Poem

Looking for something in particular? Then this is where to start.

Searching my collection of poems is a bit basic at the moment, but you have two options.

Option #1: Use the Tag Cloud.
In the right-hand sidebar you will see a representation of all the Tags I’ve used to classify my poems. The most commonly used tags are displayed in larger font sizes. The larger the font the more times that Tag has been used. Unfortunately the Tag Cloud widget in the right-hand sidebar is limited to 75 tags so you may not see all of them there 😦

Option #2: Use the Search function.
Underneath the Tag Cloud in the right-hand search bar is a search box. Simply type in the term of phrase describing what you are looking for and click the [Search] button.

The Search widget will return results from the titles and the bodies of my poems. It will not return results from comments or the tags I’ve used to categorise my poems – sorry.