Cronus: A Lament

You called me to spend two hours alone with you my Lord.They felt as intimidating as this blank page.What could I possibly have to say for two hours!What would you want to say to me?But still you invited me to a quiet place to spend time with you. Forgive me for my unbelief and lack... Continue Reading →


The Word

Before there was you were. The Word one with the Father. A word was whispered into the void and darkness was replaced with light. Light in its countless millions of worlds. Arrayed in the night’s sky like a necklace of iridescent gems. But the Word did not stop. He co-laboured with the Father and Spirit... Continue Reading →

Stalked by the Black Dog

The Black Dog that tries to stalk me has found me once again. He tries to intimidate me by making his presence known. He wants me to know that he is there. He wants to keep me looking behind. To take my eyes off what is ahead. To keep looking to what is in the... Continue Reading →

Northern Lights

A poem about being able to appreciate what we see around us and how each of us has a unique journey of faith with God. The journey we take is more important than the final destination.

The Ice Maiden

She knew the names they called her. Never to her face, but muttered and whispered. The more waspish in the harbour called her “uncan” - meaning “from another area”. All the names they used reinforced that she was a stranger. One kept at arms length. The untrusted. Her looks betrayed her Nordic heritage. Long, straight... Continue Reading →

Mind The Gap

We need to mind the gap between the truth of God's love for us and how we love ourselves. We need to mind the gap between what we think we are capable of and what God knows we can do. We need to mind the gap between thinking that others are better than us rather... Continue Reading →

Paradise Regained

Through one man Paradise was lost. Through another it was regained. As the cloak of darkness encircled the earth, as it fell silent the rescue plan was initiated. The one who had been there since the beginning came down and chose our form. Hands that had flung stars into space now accepted all the constraints... Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost

As much as I want to escape it, Paradise lost begins with me. No matter how many excuses “It’s not my fault because…”. No matter how many comparisons “I’m not as bad as them!” Paradise lost begins with me. With every cutting, unhelpful word both spoken and thought. With every time I rush by, too... Continue Reading →

The Drawer

When I first knew you I had to write. Only through pen and paper could I express what was on my heart. To pour out my heart. But as time passed I thought no-one wanted to hear. I saw my notebook and pen on the desk, took them and shut them in the drawer. From... Continue Reading →

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