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Reckless Love

Not one of my poems this time, but rather the lyrics to a song which literally stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it at our mid-week small group.

It was during a time of worship at the end of the meeting that I first heard this via a You Tube clip. Rather than try and pick up the lyrics and sing along all I could do was listen and drink in what the lyrics were saying. There are times (not many I admit) when a worship song so arrests my attention that I cannot sing. I just have to listen.

However that was not it. Over the coming days and weeks I just cannot get these lyrics out of my mind. Almost every time I listen to it I have to stop what I’m doing.

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The writing process – for me

This has been on my heart for a while now. I was going to “do this tomorrow” but felt God led me to stop prevaricating and DO IT NOW so here goes.

Why am I writing this? Basically to encourage everyone/anyone to step out and “have a go” if you think God is prompting you to do something. God loves us unconditionally, will still love us even if we make a mistake. He knows our struggles and he knows that we are human! However he will find it much easier to direct a moving ship.

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Rip Tide – Serena Dalton

A friend of mine became aware of a great work being done in Romania by a small organisation called Remember The Children (

Like many (all) of us who have seen the size of the orphanages in Romania and the size of the issues that country has with children who do not know what anything approaching a “normal” family life is like, she asked “What can one person do to make a difference?”

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What’s that on your Avatar?

Just a quick post to explain what is on my Avatar.

I’m a member of the UK Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA – When we are out at motorcycle rallies or visiting a church etc. we all wear leather biker waistcoats with a single white cross on the back. That’s what my Avatar is. It was also easy to hand at the time I was creating my Avatar.

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