Reckless Love

Not one of my poems this time, but rather the lyrics to a song which literally stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it at our mid-week small group. It was during a time of worship at the end of the meeting that I first heard this via a You Tube clip. Rather... Continue Reading →


The writing process – for me

This has been on my heart for a while now. I was going to "do this tomorrow" but felt God led me to stop prevaricating and DO IT NOW so here goes. Why am I writing this? Basically to encourage everyone/anyone to step out and "have a go" if you think God is prompting you... Continue Reading →

Sorry for the “Radio Silence”

I have to apologise. I realise that it's been months since I last posted anything - sorry. I could come up with a list of good/reasonable excuses but, to be honest, I've been struggling to find the right balance between uploading my back catalogue, writing new poems and being a good husband and father. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

What’s that on your Avatar?

Just a quick post to explain what is on my Avatar. I'm a member of the UK Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA - When we are out at motorcycle rallies or visiting a church etc. we all wear leather biker waistcoats with a single white cross on the back. That's what my Avatar is. It was... Continue Reading →

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