Mind The Gap

We need to mind the gap between
the truth of God’s love for us and how we love ourselves.

We need to mind the gap between
what we think we are capable of and what God knows we can do.

We need to mind the gap between
thinking that others are better than us rather than acknowledging God’s unique call.

We need to mind the gap between
listening to God’s quiet, still voice and listening to what the world would say.

We need to mind the gap between
looking back at our mistakes rather than
looking forward with God at the adventures ahead.

We need to mind the gap between
thinking that we are a generic creation rather than being hand spun by God.

We need to mind the gap between
holding back out of fear and trusting God to fulfil his plans for us and through us.

We need to mind the gap between
waiting until we are ready and trusting in our Father God’s timing.

We need to step out in faith now and cross the gap into the waiting train
rather than stepping back and waiting for the next one.

God brought the phrase “Mind the Gap” to my mind about two and a half months ago. For anyone who has travelled on the London Underground it is a very common announcement on some lines. As you are pulling into certain stations the phrase “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform” is played. I’ve heard it so often that it is just part of travelling on the Underground for me now – it would seem strange if I did not hear it, like something was missing.

I made a note about the phrase in my notebook because it was obviously important but I did not at the time have any idea what to write about it.

Time passed by but I could not get this phrase out of my head. I had a bit of a “poetic backlog” so the speak so this would just have to wait its turn.

Then 3 weeks ago (see what I mean about a “poetic backlog”) I was in a training session at church and both the phrase and the picture of the words painted on the platform edge just kept coming back to me. They were so vivid I struggled to concentrate on what was being said at times. I thought to myself “OK, I get the hint. I must put pen to paper when I get home”. Little did I know that God had other ideas.

As part of the practical part of the training we were split into two groups. One half of us were told to close our eyes and someone from the other half would come and tap us on the shoulder. When they did so we were to tell them what we thought God wanted to say to them (Gulp!).

I was standing there really hoping that no-one would come and tap me on the shoulder, but the dreaded tap came. At the same time back came this picture and a handful of words. I felt God telling me to trust him in the same way when I write so I started speaking. When I had finished stumbling over a few words (which were exactly on this theme) I opened my eyes to see the smiling face of a very close friend with tears in her eyes. About two and a half months prior to this training session she had a situation at work where she felt God was telling her to step out of her comfort zone. She had told very few people about the situation but when I spoke the sentiments contained in this poem it was a real confirmation to her to step out and do what she felt God telling her to do.

So why this very long explanation. Well, simply put, I found it amazing that God drew my attention to these words at exactly the same time my friend was struggling at work. Then many weeks later we were both in the situation where they could be delivered to fulfil his purposes.

So, don’t worry about waiting and don’t beat yourself up if things delay you from writing/saying/doing something. God is in control. He knows we are human and his timing is perfect.


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