Dark Water

Black as ink the lake extends.
As still as night it sits.
Low grey clouds obscure the sun.
Colour is reduced, greyness wins.

Its cold tentacles enfold my soul and body.
Its icy fingers enclose my form.
All that moves are the ripples from
the tears as they drip silently into the water.
Silent, expanding ripples as I sit alone on the jetty.

Nothing else moves.

But as I sit with only my dark thoughts
for company – those that
do not give hope,
I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder.

Turning around I see no-one, hear no-one.
But I do sense someone.
Someone who has quietly walked up to me
and sat down, legs hanging over the jetty.
No words have to be exchanged.
Just an arm of comfort and the sense that
I am not alone.

There is someone with me.

Someone that sees all.
Someone that knows all.
Someone that knows the thoughts going through my head.
Someone that demands nothing of me,
except that I allow their comfort.

Then I hear them say:
“In time we will talk, but for now, let’s just be together.”

And with that a breath of wind touches my cheek
and sends ripples across the lake.
I may not see him,
but I do see the results of his presence.

I do struggle with comparing myself with others and generally not having a particularly good image of myself. I have at times battled through periods of mild depression and feeling generally “low”.

When I go through these periods (which can vary greatly in length) this poem sort of sums up how I feel.

For anyone battling with any sort of mental health issue the most important thing to do is to come alongside, accept and walk through the dark times together. By all means pray, but most importantly just “be”. Don’t offer simplistic “out of the box” remedies or expect them to “just cheer up”. Just offer love and support and care.


2 thoughts on “Dark Water

    1. icaruspoet Post author

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, it means so much to me. So often it feels like “a lone man shouting in the desert” so this really helps. So glad you recognise what I am describing.

      Liked by 1 person


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