Welcome Home

The wooden shack stands on the shore of the lake.
Half in, half out.
Supported on its stilts it is neither of
one world nor the other.
It bridges between worlds.

Across the raised wooden walkway I step.
To transfer from the land to the Lake.
Planks creak beneath my feet as I
walk towards the front door.
Locks creak and the door swings open.
Light floods in.
It catches the swirling dust that glints
like tiny stars.

At the back of the shack extends the balcony
that appears to float above the water.
The deep, blue, silent water.

Here I sit drinking in the sun,
the water,
the scenery,
the trees,
the quiet.

The silence stills my soul.
Striving ceases and peace returns.
Now the quiet things can be heard once more.
The still small voice inside.
The whisper outside.

The light wind moves amongst the trees.
The leaves rustle and they make their quiet ssshhhh.
The wind moves the water, ripples appear.
I cannot see the wind.
But I can see its effects.

Now that peace has returned and
activity has quietened I can hear it once more.
The wind of the Spirit.
I turn my head and feel it brush past my face.
In an instant it is gone.

The evening arrives, welcomed by lengthening
shadows and golden hues.
The waves on the lake subside and it returns
to a mirror once again.
The cliffs opposite burst into golden light
reflecting the sinking sun.

I feel guilty for just sitting and watching, listening.
There is so much to do, things to be done,
activity to complete.
I go to move to engage in these activities but
instead hear the question
“Why do you make to leave?”
I answer “I have many things to do Lord; Many jobs to complete.”
“So you have; But will you not stay a while longer?
To sit and enjoy each other’s company.
To tarry a while, to be at peace.
To enjoy a moment of rest?”

I sit back down.

Sometimes all God wants us to do is to do nothing.
To simply rest with him.
To spend time together.
To enjoy his world together.
To be together.
To listen together.

His love is not dependent on
the tasks we do for him.

The inspiration for this came whilst visiting the C3 Church in Cambridge UK (http://www.thec3.uk). While I was waiting for the service to start projected onto the big screens in the main meeting auditorium was a picture of the shack I’ve attempted to describe along with the text “Welcome home”.

God really “arrested my attention” with both the picture and the text. Over the coming weeks it refused to go – until I sat down and wrote this poem.

For me it linked with what had happened to me at Newday 2016. On a number of occasions, on different days, while I was singing during the worship God asked me to stop singing and just listen. I have to admit that I did find it strange to stop singing and just listen to the worship and to God.

So it is this theme of not being afraid to simply stop and spend time with God doing nothing that this poem is all about. It also touches on the fact that whilst we live in the world we are no longer of the world.

It is so easy to get wrapped up “doing stuff” – both spiritual and domestic that we can lose sight of the fact that God wants a relationship with us. He want to spend time with us. He wants to listen to us. He wants to speak to us.


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