Quiet of Night

The moon blinks its way onto the world.
The clouds part and the countryside below
is cloaked in its soft silvery light.
Edges are no longer sharp but rounded.
Life is much softer.

A quiet descends.
Sounds that are usually masked by the
shrill and busyness of the day
can be heard once more.
Far off sounds travel further.
Sound closer.

The peace of the night shouts at
you after the hectic day.
The clear, sharp air stings your lungs
as it clears them out.

Contentment is looking into
the heart of the fire.
To listen to its crackle and hiss.
Watching the shapes made by the
flames between the logs.
The fire that brings a pool of warmth
and light to those around it.
The fire that brings both security and peace.

This is what I see when I meet with my Lord.
The clouds of the day part.
The shouting, competing sounds of
the day are stilled.
The peace and warmth of your cloak envelops me.
Your loves clears and refreshes my being.

How refreshing and quiet is the night.


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