Monochrome World

This is a black and white world.
A world of grey.
All colour washed out by our sadness.
Faceless people walk grey streets,
each not acknowledging the other.
All looking in upon themselves.
Unseeing eyes turned inward.

Feet shuffle along.
A background of blackness.
No colour.
But the sun is there.
It still shines.
Bringing colour.
Bringing sight.

It struggles to penetrate, enlighten
those seeing but blind.
Though I now see I still let sadness burden me.
Like a smog it floats in to blot out the sun.
A smog that struggles to be burnt away.
A smog that dilutes everything.

Eyes of colour turn to grey.
Only a wind can clear the smog.
A wind that comes of its own accord.
Random and wandering, but also sent.
Sent to clear and colour.
Clear and colour me.
Clear and colour all.

A poem working on multiple levels in that it could be seen as describing what we are like before we encountered Christ. It can also be seen as how we can let our circumstances colour or affect our relationship with God.

A feeling of sadness or loss can make a day of colour feel like black and white and also rob it of its warmth.

Fortunately we have the Holy Spirit to help blow away the smog and return colour and warmth. I’m very aware that it’s easy to say things like this but often much harder to do. However God has sent his Holy Spirit to help us in times and situations exactly like these. All we need to do is to ask for some help. Help to find him in the first place or help to see through the smog.


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