Refuge and Support

Father, dear father, you are my refuge and being.
Through this past time,
you have protected me and supported me.
You have strengthened me and taught me.
You have fed me and kept me.

The testing was more than I could bear.
But each time you increased how much I could take.
At every moment you were and are my comfort.
The hurt I have felt and the tears I have shed
are as nothing to the pain you have felt for me.
The pain I could not take you relieved me of.

Keep teaching me dear father,
for this servant of yours wants to stay with you.
To make your way his own.
To keep your way as his own.

As at late of night and early morn
I think of what has gone before.
Thank you that I was always in
your supporting arms when I collapsed.
You repair my torn heart and take me on.
You love me so much and I am wholly your own.
Now and forever tomorrow.

The Christian life has its up and downs, some larger than others.

I’m just eternally grateful that in the times of my deepest lows God was there to stop me sinking further. 

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