Be watchful, mindful

Beware the loner amongst you.
He who has spent his life with only himself for company.
So long has he been like this
that it becomes the norm for him.

But we have all been called to be part of a body.
Part of a great and glorious family.
Our father wants workers from a family,
to work in his family business.
He does not wage guerilla wars with
lone members waging lone wars.
Going behind enemy lines with no support.
Only themselves to think of.

Beware the loner.
They may appear to want to be on their own,
but their heart is not to be alone.
However the heart can be overruled,
feelings suppressed.

Beware the loner.
Welcome them into your family.
Draw them in.
The lost sheep back into the fold.
If you do not then they will stay loners.
It is very easy for them to do.
To them it is normality.

So to everyone I say,
be mindful of your brothers and sisters around you.
Draw them in.
As every members does so, so the body will be as one.

I have not called any of my own dear children to walk alone.
As I am a family so are my children.
I call you to work as members, family.
To gain support from those around you.
Your place is waiting,
just take it.
It is yours.

I wrote this a good few years ago but how relevant it still is today on so many levels.

We live in a very individualistic world which places “me” and my “needs” at the centre. This is just reinforced by the vast majority of adverts we are bombarded with – “Why? Because I’m worth it.”.

This is completely at odds with the way God operates. In his world relationships and family are key. He calls us to work out our Christian life in the context of a Christian family – his Church and his local expression of it. We cannot be effective Christians if we distance ourselves from working out our Christian walk with others. God’s body is made up of many parts and we have all been uniquely created to play our role in that great plan with the mixture of skills and giftings that God has uniquely given to us. If we withhold these from his local body then that body suffers. In turn we suffer as we remove ourselves from experiencing the expression of God’s love through others and the (sometimes painful) process of being shaped and modelled into what God wants us to be by having to work alongside others who we may not naturally have chosen to spend time with. We also miss out from learning different perspectives on God.

Those of us in the local body also need to be aware of new people coming in. We need to actively work to draw them in and make sure they find their place. Some, like me, are very happy with their own company or don’t really understand what being part of a functioning family is. For them it would be all to easy to try and continue a singular relationship with God. To carry on being a Loner.


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