Snatched Away

The dawn breaks.
The first rays kiss the tops of the waves.
The waves on the rippled glass that is the sea.
The wooden bow ploughs through this field of water,
that slowly curls over the wood.
The great dragons head eats it’s way through
the mists that veil the land.

Silently they come.
Loudly will their presence be felt.
They crash up the beach,
launch themselves into the surf.
The village is caught totally unaware.
No-one saw.
No-one knew.

Time compresses into the blink of an eye and they leave.
Leave as silently as they came.
Silence they leave behind too.
The ship retreats.
The stern sewing back the blanket of mist.
It sails back into the darkness it came from.

Only one is left in that village.
Slowly he walks around his shattered Kingdom.
My people, my people where have you gone?
Why do you leave me?
Why do you not resist?

Where have you gone my people?
For nowhere can you hide from me.
Your faces are on my heart.
I know you all.

Why did you not ask for help?
In yourself you were only vanquished.

Come back to me my people.
I will always be here.
Come back to me
and I will make you strong.
Come back to me
and no more will you wander.
Come back my people,
I know you all.
Come back my people,
forever will I be here.
Come back my people,
for my heart is heavy without you.
Come back my people,
never will I forsake you.

I wrote this poem when I had a glimpse of how God feels when we or others reject him or when we decide to go our own way, do things in our own way.

It was partially inspired by a picture of the Viking raiders that raised the North East coast of the UK. 

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