Deception and Decision

Deception has taken me.
It took hold of me and
gave me it’s blinkers and collar.
With these you walked me around.
Lead me by my lead and collar.

You attempted to take me away with a deception.
You attempted to confuse me.
You blinded my eyes and took me
from the love I was in.

Surely then the decision must be made.
You who is the enemy did this to me.
To trip me up and cloud my thoughts,
my heart.
Cloud them with black and with hurt.

But my strength missed me.
He missed me from my place.
My set place.
And so he came looking.
Looking for that sole lost sheep.
He took me back into his fold and
there made me see once more.

The decision is still to be made.
But my resolve is greater now.
Deception took me.
Love brought me back.

The Bible tell us that as Christians we have an enemy that “prowls like a Lion looking for who he can eat/deceive”. He prowls and does all he can to prevent us encountering God in the first place, using many different tactics including lies and deception.

Similarly, when we have become a Christian and have an important decision to make – especially something connected to our walk with God, it’s amazing how many distractions or annoying small events will appear from nowhere to distract us, steal our time and generally get in the way.

We can even sometimes be distracted away from our faith. However, whenever we stray away from God he misses us and will pursue us to bring us back into relationship with him. He does not “need” us in any way but his love for us and desire to restore our relationship with him compels him to come looking for us – again.

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