Security is to be secure.
Secure I am in you.
You who made me.
You who drew me to himself.
You who loved me long ago.
You who forgave me.
You who takes me through life.
You who guides me in all I do.
You who heals me when I am hurt.

Draw me to yourself again.
Let me feel your warmth.
Your love.
Let me hug you and feel your wing envelope me.
Let me hear you and all you say.
Let me reach to you and say I love you.
Take me onwards Lord,
to the life you have in store.
Keep me close as I start on this long walk.
This walk with you to eternity.

I wrote this poem some years ago. Reading it again after so long it’s good to reminded of the truths within it. It’s good to be reminded of where you security should really be. Something that the busy-ness of life can sometimes squeeze out.

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