Rip Tide – Serena Dalton

A friend of mine became aware of a great work being done in Romania by a small organisation called Remember The Children (

Like many (all) of us who have seen the size of the orphanages in Romania and the size of the issues that country has with children who do not know what anything approaching a “normal” family life is like, she asked “What can one person do to make a difference?”

When presented with problems as large as those of the orphaned children in Romania we can all be forgiven for thinking “What can I do? Anything I do will be but a drop in the ocean.”

Just as a marathon or any long distance walk starts with “just one step” so a flood can start with just one drop. Even if our efforts only improve the life of one child is it not worth doing?

So Serena (who is not a professional musician) but is a talented singer songwriter decided to use these gifts that God has given her to make a difference.

She has produced two EPs from which 100% of the proceeds are going to the charity – Remember The Children towards the House Of Hope in Romania. The funds raised will go to help a family who have taken in 25 orphaned or abandoned children to be part of their family.

You can buy her latest EP as a digital download from –

The EP will cost only £5 / $7 – but you can donate more if you want to.

Come on, if all of us just gave up a couple of coffees from our favourite coffee chain we could all, collectively, make a huge difference to the lives of some children in Romania.

You can also follow Serena on her Facebook page –

If you get the chance to hear Serena live do so! Her live performances are even better than her album work IMHO.

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