Cliff Rescue

I live in this world and work in this world.
I walk it’s path.
A path that is changed as I proceed.
Like life itself it is made up of peaks and troughs.
Valleys and hills.

But I worry and trust to feelings.
A thing of this world.
A distraction put there by he who has the world.
He leads me astray.
I keep myself blind by relying on my feelings.
I do not see myself being led into a valley.

Off the main path I walk are smaller ones.
Twisting and climbing the steepening sides.
Gradually the paths off my track disappear.
The side are closer now, steeper.

One path.
One destiny.
One gateway.
A gateway of darkness to darkness.
A gateway into which I would have blindly walked.

Then down the sheer cliffs drops a rope.
I grab it for I know where I would have walked.
Where I was being taken.
God pulled me out of that.
Something I had walked in to of my own freewill.
Who can say he does not love nor care?

It is often far too easy to trust to our feelings or let our feelings direct our walk with God.

It’s good to have an emotional attachment to God and our relationship with him should affect our emotions and elicit an emotional response. But I am all too aware that I can be easily swayed by my emotions and can let how I’m feeling impact on my relationship with God. 

The Devil knows this and will happily use it to distract me from what God wants me to do or delay things by taking me down useless time-wasting paths.

Our relationship with God should be based firstly on our Faith followed by the Facts and lastly by our Feelings. Something I know is very easy to say and write but in practise is much harder and more complex. I often get these in the wrong order.

I wrote this poem when I was a relatively new Christian. At the time I was really struggling with the fact that how I was feeling did not reflect the truth I knew. I was making decisions or reacting based on my feelings not on the Truth. Does it get easier over time? Yes, to a point, but I still need to be aware of the paths I’m walking down.

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