Christmas – forgotten

The end of the year.
Christmas is here once more!
Shops boast their displays,
garlanded with the trappings of a commercial event.
Fake snow.
Mythical men.
Mythical good.

Who stops to think of the reason behind it?
Imitation people hurt no-one.
Unrepresentative ideas show what it was about.
A small reminder that is easily forgotten.

A baby born in a stable because
there was no room.
No room in the Inn.
No room in your heart.

Born to die he lived.
You remember his birth,
but not his death.
Death brings no presents.

A bottle dropped on the road smashes.
It’s contents flow down the drain.
Is that where your life is going?

Blood once flowed down wood.
Blood from a smashed vessel.
A beautiful, perfect vessel.
How could anyone drop it?

In your own jar there is pain.
Pain to me for what you refute.
A baby born so helpless,
then killed just as innocent.

In birth there was death.
Are you not continually dying now?

It feels very unseasonable to be publishing this in August, but Christmas will be upon us soon enough!

We all know that Christmas has become over-commercialised and subject to political correctness (one company I worked for had a “Holiday party” at Christmas because they did not want to offend non-Christians). However, buried within the TV movie re-runs and “1001 ways to use leftover turkey” the true Christmas message points us towards the events of Easter. Even one of the gifts the baby Jesus received from the wise men pointed to death (Myrrh was used for embalming).

Now I am not saying we should not enjoy the Christmas season. For many it provides a welcome break from work to spend time with family and friends. However, in all this celebration and jollity let’s not forget that Jesus was born as one of us, with all our limitations, for a purpose. To restore our broken relationship with God.

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