Return of the Flying Dutchman

I was on the quay that day.
That day when the ship came in.
Ghosting over the calm sea it arrived.
A true ghost ship for no sound did it make.
No sails flapping.
No shouted orders to the crew.
No crew.

By the outer wall she tied up.
The ropes knotting themselves by unseen hands.
The sails furling of their own accord.
The Flying Dutchman had arrived.

I had seen this before, it was no new sight.
The ship had been at sea a goodly time.
Many storms it had seen.
The sails were in tatters,
the rigging lines hung like forlorn strands of hair.
There were holes in her side.

Then I saw him.
The captain of this ship.
He walked past me with unseeing eyes.
A man tired out.
Going into the village to rest his weary bones
and feed his tattered soul.
To make ready for the next trip on his endless quest.

Come the morning the ship was still there.
But now she was repaired.
The sails complete.
The rigging all in place.

I saw him again, walking down the quay.
This time with a brightness to his eyes.
He was not alone.
Some of the villagers were there with him.

He did not have to reach the ship.
Of it’s own accord the sails unfurled.
The ropes cast off.
She made her was to sea on unseen winds.

We all watched her as she was once more
engulfed by the mist.
Today was special.
For today the Flying Dutchman came home.
Came home for good.

This is an allegory for one person’s walk into faith in Jesus. Some of us can spend a long time searching for God. For others, like me, we were not looking for God when he reached down and arrested our attention.

However we come to have a faith in Jesus the importance is that we enter into both a new relationship and a new family. All of us who are Christians are part of one body. One family. And in the same way our own families look out for each other so should we with the members of our spiritual family.

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