Timeless Love

Love is a very powerful weapon.
But our minds convince us
that we do not need it.
We can survive on our own,
using our own love for resources.

You reject my love.
An unthinking instinct that hurts me so deeply.
Love in an unquantifiable object.
It helps forgive hurts.
It looks forward, never back.
Looking back cannot change what has happened.
Only the future you can change.

I cannot battle the will of your mind.
It stretches out in all dimensions.

I will still love.
Whatever you do.
Whatever the rebuff.
I will continue.

All walls are eventually eroded.
Wind and rain and frost will make them crumble.
Time controls you.
But love does not know it.

My old English teacher would probably have a fit if they read this. Quite often in my poems the identity of the person speaking changes without warning – as it does here. It starts off as the writer speaking and then changes to a different perspective.

Just approach this poem with an open mind and see how God speaks to you.

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