What’s that on your Avatar?

Just a quick post to explain what is on my Avatar.

I’m a member of the UK Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA – www.bike.org.uk). When we are out at motorcycle rallies or visiting a church etc. we all wear leather biker waistcoats with a single white cross on the back. That’s what my Avatar is. It was also easy to hand at the time I was creating my Avatar.

The white cross not only identifies us as belonging to the CMA but is a very public declaration of our faith. In some ways we are quite literally “nailing our colours to our mast”. No-one can be in any doubt as to what we believe. Generally with the biker community this is what the leather waistcoat does – shows others which group you are part of.

I’m not a great fan of the leather biker waistcoats (I prefer modern textile motorcycle jackets) and I don’t ride a Harley (Davidson). However I do see the importance of being identified as a member of a group and also identifying with Christ as we attempt to reach out to a section of society that is already marginalised by their choice of mode of transport.

Of course I can see that in some states (most?) in the USA where the sun always shines a leather biker waistcoat works well as an item of protective clothing. Unfortunately here in the UK where the weather can be far less predictable and where the sun can seen to go and hide for weeks on end I prefer motorcycle clothing that is warm, waterproof, light and will not take days to dry out 🙂

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