Golden City

A beautiful city stands in a silent lake.
A sunrise sends its golden rays into the streets.
Across parapets people walk.
Walk through unguarded gates.
Gates that lead into a city of immense wealth.
A wealth not in physical means,
but a wealth of love and care.
A place where people are not missed
and many mysteries revealed.

This city is available to all,
but it is not free.
Someone has all the passes in to it.
He who paid the price – in full.
Just accept a pass and in you go.
It is freely offered and freely given.

All who have accepted this free gift will go there.
I will see you all.
Glowing faces lit by sunshine and love.

Jesus spoke many times about the eternal dimension of the Christian life. Whilst we don’t know the details we do know that one day we will be with him forever in an amazing place.

There is only one way we can enter this place. That is through Jesus’ death on the cross. Here Jesus dealt once and for all with the chasm that divides us from God. Much as God wants to have a close, loving relationship with us he cannot do so until the issue of our sin has been dealt with. That is, all my mistakes, selfish acts, harsh words, going my own way (because I know best after all) etc.

Only a perfect person could stand in my place and take on himself all that was rightfully mine. That person was Jesus.


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