The Flint-napper

Total peace.
That is you.
Wherever I am.
Whatever I do.
Your peace is there.

But as I walk this peaceful route,
the Devil is there.
He sets tripwires to knock me down.
And once down he tangles me up in his thread.
A thread of lies and deceit.

My thoughts are muddled.
Barriers rise between me and my heart.
Resist change.
Stay as you are.

But I am just like a flint.
From one large stone the product is small,
but so very beautiful.
The Lord can shape me, fashion me,
but he will not strike a stone that jumps out of his hand.
To get to the end result I must be riven.
To expose what is inside.
How I might be.

The Devil tries to hold the flint together.
But how can the flint withstand the
shattering effect of the flint-nappers knock?

Flint-napping is a skill that goes back to the dawn of humanity when tools started to be made.

It is a very skilful process that takes much practise to master. From a single large flint stone successive strikes with another stone cleave off flakes of flint. Sometimes it is just these flakes the flint-napper is interested in – to make scrapers, knives etc. However to make larger tools (e.g. axes or hammers) you shave off flakes to get the core of the flint stone into the size and shape needed.


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