Reality at work

You are everything and everywhere.
Your presence is like a web.
It links every part of our universe,
a vast grid of your influence.

You created our world and the laws by which it operates.
But we are not content to accept.
We struggle to explain everything we see
in terms of our ridiculous technology.

We never see your hand at work,
so perfect is your design.
We change our theories to suit the latest evidence.
But we are confined to our world of thought.
We make it ever more complicated until,
eventually, we chase our own tails.

We do not like to humble ourselves.
To admit that there is someone greater.
But with all our science we are still blind.
Blind to the Devil.
His food is division.
His joy, strife.
He persuades our mind to make stumbling blocks in life.
They are not there in reality.

You are reality Lord.
Your power over death.
Your ongoing love for us insignificant beings.
Insignificant yet uniquely significant.
You sent your son to descend to this
mortal preserve and then to die.
But he rose in love and knowledge of the future.
For me and for you.

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