A weary and dusty soldier I return.
Brought back from my last campaign.
Battles fought and battles won.

I have stood for you.
Facing an enemy.
Confronted due to my decision.
A decision to be fair.
To hear both sides and adjudicate on each.
Not to be a piece of phosphorescence on the sea of life.
Being blown along by the standards
and idioms of the world.

The enemy broadsided me.
A blow to me.
He crossed the Tee.

Ragged edges mean raw spots.
New wounds to heal.
New lessons to be learnt.

I talk to you.
He who sent and armed me.
He who puts me right.
He who is my hope.
He who is my life.

Being a Christian means sometimes having to stand our ground. To take a stance that is at odds with how the world may see things. To be fair not partisan. To extend the same love, forgiveness and patience that God has extended to us.

Sometimes others will not see this. Sometimes there will be a cost to us. God knows this and his arms are always open towards us.

The term “crossing the tee” is an old naval term coming from before the time naval warships had guns in moveable turrets. It describes the situation where a¬†ship passes on a course perpendicular to that of their enemy. That way they can train all the guns on one side of their ship on the enemy but the enemy can train very few (if any) on them. The results were usually devastating.

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