The world is an uncaring place.
Made so by he that rules it.
But I stand out of this world.
I stand in the place you have put me Lord.

Holding your hand I walk with you.
You are my security and love.
You know what I will be.
You know what has been.

I stand alone in a desert.
Suddenly a sandstorm springs up.
It swirling dust stings my flesh.
I cannot escape it for it hunts out every corner.

I am flayed by words and actions.
These are the sands that pain me.
In the midst of it my mind loses it perspective.
No bearings can it grasp.

Now it is to feelings that I turn.
Feelings that are easily blasted around.

Dear Lord protect me from he that
throws the sand and hurls the wind.
Make my mind stay on you and
my feelings lose their grasp.

Give me your strength so
that I may not be moved.

Give me your love so that
the sand will not sting.

Thank you for you son Lord,
who died that I may stand.


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