A new lesson learnt.
A new realisation dawned.
This I see when I come back to you.

At equal time periods I leave,
to then come back to be taught some more.
As time continues I wish to stay with you.
Things learnt are superceded.
Feelings are left behind.
Tell me, my teacher, of what I do not know.
Illuminate me and help me to remember
so that when examinations come round I will not fail.
Fail you not.
Instead go on with new qualifications
to be taught some more.

As time goes on we all learn more.
From what is around.
Learning does not come from the past
but from now.
You cannot help but learn,
unless you stop the time from entering your domain.
The past does not live today.
Today points to tomorrow,
when further things will have been learnt.
As you live so you learn.

The teachers is willing, as you are,
so take and remember.
Worried time is wasted time,
by tomorrow nothing will have been gained.

Walking the Christian life is all about learning – mostly from my mistakes it feels. To carry on learning we need to stay close to Christ. To hear his teaching and direction. And if things are crowding him out then he will find a way to meet with us – often when we least expect it.

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