We are mobilised, all of us, against a common enemy.
From our mountain retreats we launch against our targets.
They are on the plain that extends before us.
Attacks into blackness.

When we return, some limping, some missing,
we reflect on those who fell away.
From the sky to the plain.
To be engulfed in blackness.
To be blinded.

But new recruits are coming.
Along with those who escape they swell the ranks.
Re-manned, re-armed we launch once more.
We do not know where, but we know the final outcome.

Do not question orders, just obey.
For those giving the orders are wiser than us.
They see the big picture.

At the base we meet our foe face to face.
But they are faceless.
Negative uniqueness.
Totally uniform.

We go over the top,
out from our trenches of faith.
Into a blaze of fire of weapons we cannot see,
do not know.
Light behind us makes the blackness recede.
Bullets bounce off our tunics.
The enemy disappears as the land is raised up.
The plain recedes.
It is reduced.

A cross on a map shows a battle.
A line on the flag shows a victory.
Soon the map will be one large cross.
One large victory.
Where blackness was,
light now is.

The Christian life is a very real battle – the Bible tells us so. Sometimes, when we are right in the midst of things, it’s very difficult to understand that the battle is already won (at least I find it difficult to understand). It is a foregone conclusion.

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