The Gardener

Just a simple gardener am I,
but much I see.
By observation I learn.
This is what I see.

It is very easy to give quick answers.
The reply is sent before we have thought.
And think we must.

Theoretical knowledge is all very well,
but it does not have to weather the elements.
We grow in the elements,
so knowledge must be tempered too.

Hasty words are soon forgotten
when the time to implement them comes.
What we thought we knew stays hidden.
What we are comes through.

Our minds are strong.
Our emotions are not.
He that cares for us,
watches our growth in his garden knows this.
He showed us so.

But our nature is to try and go our own way.
To do what it has been breed in us is right.
But we cannot see the whole picture.
How can the grass tell the gardener when to cut?

We think we know it all.
But only one knows what is best.
Our wills have been warped.
We should submit to him.

This I saw one lonely night.
Painful realisation was mixed
with the knowledge of what was right.
A seed had been sown.
Now was the time for the crop to be reaped.


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