Love is strange.
It is so beautiful yet it can hurt so very much.
But what is love?
How do I know it?

Love fills your heart like walking
from shadow to light on a sunny day.
The contrast is well defined,
but our eyes take time to adjust.
As do our minds.

There is someone who love you,
with all your faults and all your deceit.
He has taken your place once before.
Long ago in time, recently in your heart.

You see him yet you turn away.
He does not forsake you,
he just weeps for you.
For your closed heart.

Christ died for us.
He died for me.
He took the knocks,
the holes,
the nails
that were meant for me.

For he knew me.
Loved me even then.
But I closed my eyes,
until the light opened them for me.

Now I thank you for your love.
A love that understands.
A love that remains constant.
Love saved me.
Are you giving it a chance to do the same?

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