Friends are wonderful.
They are always there to support, ready to advise.
They know you for what you are.
You cannot hide anything from them.

But sometimes your friends have problems themselves.
But you do not understand how they can.
You leave them support-less.
But you still expect them to help you
when you are in need.

There is one friend, however,
who is with you all the time.
He walks with you and is your constant
companion and guardian.
He sees all you go through.
But would never give advice unsolicited.
Just ask him for help, for support.
Unload your troubles on him.
He never fails you.
Rather you fail him.
But he still loves you.
Just accept his guiding hand and worry not of the world.

Sometimes even the strongest Christian goes through tough times.

When this happens we all need good friends to gather around us and help us, even if usually things are the other way around. Its up to all of us to be on the lookout for opportunities to give to our friends to show that we appreciate what they have done/will do for us.

Above all this is Jesus. Let’s not forget to involve him in our struggles too. He knows and understands.

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