Last Train

I dream of a time to come,
when white horses will pull themselves from the earth
and gallop across the green hills once more.
Carrying riders to an everlasting sunset,
everlasting warmth.

Villages and towns are now deserted.
Skeleton trees have deposited their leaves.
A yellow carpet stirred only by the wind
but no footfalls around.

A lone man now walks circles in the land
where there were once circles in his mind.
Where are the excuses now?

People gone, and those apart.
Not seeing others, blinded by time and rejection.

But there is another.
He turns to you.
A question he asks.
You have been a loner all your life, why do you mourn now?
You were contented in your fictional world,
you liked your life with your back turned to me.
Closed ears to my tears.

Now the time is here.
You have no ticket to ride this train.
On the station you will stay.
To wait for the next train on which you must go.
A last trip.
You turned your back on me before.
Now you will have to do it again – forever.

Sometimes the theme/picture God gives me is slightly more seriousĀ in nature. The Bible makes it clear that there is an eternal dimension to life and that we would be wise to prepare for it while we are here on earth.

Another aspect of this poem is to guard against getting so wrapped up in our own world that we lose sight of those around us. We must also not hold grudges about events in the past, but allow the forgiveness we have from God to help us forgive others. Often this is much easier to say than to do – well at least I find it so.

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