See the lone figure walking in The Village.
A figure kept there against his will.
He does not know how he arrived,
nor why he is being kept.

His solitude is not of his making,
rather an inheritance from times before.
He keeps himself locked up.
safe inside his castle of solitude.

But within his heart burns the desire to be free.
To break loose and live as he was intended.
He tries to break the bars to escape.
He does not see that the door is wide open.

He had lived his life a loner.
But in this he needs the help of others.
Yes, all of you who see him.
Do not be put off by his castle.
Please enter and make yourself known.
Then help him out.
So that the castle may become a ruin.

Please take heed to what I say.
Please act on what is said.
For I am lost in The Village.

The Prisoner was a ground-breaking British TV series made in the late 1960’s. The series follows a former secret agent who is abducted and held prisoner in a mysterious village resort, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job.

This poem was inspired by the TV series and also deals with the theme of those who appear a loner and the paradox that a loner can (and often does) actually feel lonely – but does not know how to break out of it. Sometimes becoming a Christian can feel a lonely existence as there can be a lot of re-adjustment going on. It is exactly at this time that we need people round us to help guide us out of this lonely existence.


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