Your endless tomorrows

I see you as you go about your life,
eyes centred on today, tomorrow never comes.
Concentrating on the things that are so small
compared with what I want you to see.

Look to me and I will make you see.
See the things for which you search.
For I have defeated the Gallows Man,
he all dress in black, the bringer of blackness.
You have taken his hood and lead for too long now.
I want you free.
Look to me and you will see that I fought him for you.
On your behalf.
I subjected myself to him and his.

To the gallows hill you all shall climb.
I died.
But I rose.
I am the victory and the victor.
So how can you tell me that I am dead.
That I never existed?

I have your robes waiting for you.
Those of my royal priests.
Those I have chosen.
So throw off the hood of blindness that you wear.
I have done this because I want you.
You are precious to me.

Who am I you ask.
I am he who died for you.
I took the punishment for your crimes.
I am he that died on the cross.
I am the way to life!


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