The Globe

Welcome to The Globe, a house for the performance of plays.
Large and new it is, tales of time it will evolve.
Tonight it is about battles;
things that we do not think happen very often.
How wrong we are.
Pray take your seats and wait while we take you back.

A play with a difference is this.
Actor and Stage Manager are found in one;
one who takes part,
gives the cues to those around him,
also telling when the first act is to begin.
He is the vital thread.
He is the play.

As you sit there following the play,
a real tragedy,
the importance of the scenes is lost on you.
Time will reveal, for as the play continues
all the threads are brought together.

The final scene, a real surprise for you.
But the actors knew what was coming next.
Nothing was new.
A battle is portrayed, the enemy makes a beachhead.
Then the defences crumble.
The defenders thought they were safe,
and a beachhead becomes a conquest.

An ending of pain this performance brought.
Trust was returned by betrayal.
Black deeds done by night
so that the guilt may not be known.
No-one saw.

You the audience leave.
A nice performance, but fiction nonetheless.
Nothing to carry over.
No lessons learnt.
The Stage Manager started the play.
He knew what the outcome would be.
In darkness you arrived.
By night you leave, unchanged.
A play of pain it was.
It started with bread.
And ended with nails.

The Globe was Shakespeare’s original round playhouse. It was built on the south bank of the Thames in London inĀ 1599 by Shakespeare’s playing company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. The first Globe was destroyed by fire in 1613 but was rebuilt and remained there until 1642.

A modern reconstruction of the Globe, named “Shakespeare’s Globe“, opened in 1997 approximately 750 feet (230m) from the site of the original theatre.


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