As I sit here, dew on my feet,
In the quiet or early morn,
I just want to sit and enjoy the warm caress
Of the dawn and the early sun.

As it rises into the sky it’s
fingers of warmth banish the
cold and dark of night.

They warm my soul.

If I choose to linger in the moment,
as the gentle warmth drives out
the vestiges of sleep and the
fuzziness of dreams,
so you remind me of your love to me.

It is new every morning.

It is as regular and un-ending as the sunrise.

I look forward to the warm touch
of your love as I do the early sun.
Your love should be too hot for
me to handle, like the noon day sun
in the height of summer.

It should burn me up – so imperfect am I.
But instead it renews, assures,
for you do not see me as I do.
When you look on me it is with the eye of love.
The love a father has for their child.
For when you look on me you do not see
all the mistakes and muck and rubbish.
You see me spotless and perfect and your heart rises.

For you see me through your son.
He who really rises like the morn sun.
He who is as reliable as the sun.
He who renews me like the sun.

So I will linger a while in the dawn-day sun.
I will appreciate it’s warmth a while.
And give thanks.
That your love Lord does indeed rise every morning.

And as I linger, the sun warming my toes,
I hear a whisper,
“I love you.”

I wrote this poem early one morning at Newday 2016.

I had got up to do the washing up from the night before. No-one else on site was stirring. I sat down facing into the early morning sun as I waited for the kettle to boil. Then I heard God say to me “Please go back into your tent, and bring out your pen and notebook”. But Lord I said – I’ve just sat down and I need to do the washing up otherwise we will have nothing to eat breakfast off of. Then I heard/ sensed his reply “I know that, but please go back into your tent, and bring out your pen and notebook”.

As God had been impressing on me over the week that he really wants me to do what he asks me and to do it when he asks me I obeyed and went back into my tent to collect my notebook and pen.

So the washing up was a little delayed – but still ready before breakfast! 


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